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Shot Block: Epic TV

We’re in the middle of an epic season of highly anticipated, binge-worthy tv shows debuting and returning. How’re we supposed to get anything done this year? Leave it to Dribbblers to use their excitement as an opportunity to make something.

Fan of fan art? Check out the shots below.

  1. Stranger Things 2
  2. Twin Peaks
  3. Rick Sanchez
  4. Broad City | Val Quote
  5. Winter is Here
  6. Fargo // Stamposters
  7. Preacher - Type (17)
  8. Kevin Jesus

Row 1: Robin Eisenberg, Michele Byrne, Max Hagberg. Row 2: Rob Noland, Jaime Van Wart, Sergei Godovalov. Row 3: Matt Fletcher, Jamie Sigadel.

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