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Shot Block: Zines

Zines have potential to be a lower effort, higher impact form of art that even the busiest designer can escape into creating. They hold mystery, power, passion, beauty, and sometimes humor.

“I was really inspired by seeing self-published zines... seeing someone else make work that was either really personal, or was just done entirely themselves. It really showed me what was possible for my own art.” - Liz Prince

We wish we could get our hands on all the great zines that’ve been circulating around the Dribbbosphere lately, but there are just so many! Ready to make your own? Grab some inspiration from the shots below, and search the zine tag to see even more.

  1. Quarter Water
  2. Magazine zine
  3. bok turisti zine
  4. Plant Lady Zine
  5. Illustrated Science Zine
  6. Stories About Coming Out - Facebook LGBTQ Design
  7. Body Body Positivity Zine Cover
  8. Cannibals.
  9. Ghostwaves-zine spread

Row 1: Mekhi Baldwin, fluostudio, Kata Moravszki. Row 2: Marisol Ortega, James Olstein, Beth Dean for Facebook. Row 3: Austin Faggard, Ian Lynam, Harry Diaz.

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