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Shot Block: Summer Icons

Last week’s solstice made it official, it’s summer time! There are some fairly universal symbols of summer: melons, beach parties, snowcones, and vacays to name a few. But we’ll leave it to our ever-talented Dribbblers to capture them succinctly with these flawless summer icon sets.

  1. Summer Icons First 9
  2. Summer Food And Drink Icons
  3. Summer Icons
  4. Beach Icons
  5. Summertime Icons
  6. Summer Icons
  7. Happy Summer!
  8. Vacation icons
  9. Flipboard Summer Icons

Row 1: Brian Houtz, Sergey Ershov, Rahmad Kurniawan. Row 2: Vecteezy, Marta Carden, Wehan Ilmajuang Supriyono. Row 3: Nicki Clark, Lily, Ben Wasserman for Flipboard.

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