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Shot Block: Permanent Records

When you think about it, our skin records so much about our lives, from birth marks to scars, sunburns to allergic reactions. A tattoo, however, is the consciously chosen visual marking of our own significant moments and feelings, and what inspires those things more than music?

Permanent Records beautifully braids all of these ideas: skin, art, and music. It is a collection tattoo art from different artists and designers, inspired by song lyrics. Check out some of the incredible designs created for the project below.

  1. Permanent Records
  2. Permanent records
  3. Burn The White Flag - Permanent Records
  4. Darling
  5. Body Movin
  6. 6 Underground - Permanent Records Tattoo Flash
  7. Permanent Records
  8. Guardian

Row 1: Lauren Dickens, JONES&CO, Andrew Berkemeyer. Row 2: Bud Thomas, Timo Meyer, Pavlov Visuals. Row 3: Daniel Seong, Titus Smith.

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