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We’re Balllin’ Now – Introducing Dribbble’s Official iOS App

The long wait for an official Dribbble app has finally come to an end. You’ve been asking for it for years, and today we’re thrilled to announce version 1.0 is now available and free to download in the App Store.

A few months ago, we added all-star iOS developer Devin Ross to the team and he’s evolved his popular Balllin’ app into our official release. While we’ve been proud of our responsive web experience, nothing beats a native app for speed, performance, integration, and ease-of-use. We’re excited to finally offer Dribbble natively on the iPhone and iPad, where interactions like double tap to like, pull to refresh, and super-speedy browsing make Dribbble easier and more fun to use.

Here are some of the features in our initial release:

  • 3D Touch - Quickly peek at animated GIFs right from shot streams.
  • Universal App with Split Screen Support - Use the app on the iPhone or iPad. Additionally, the app supports iPad split screening.
  • Handoff Support and Universal Links - Browse Dribbble on the go then use Handoff to view the same content when you get back to your desk. Links to will open directly in the app.
  • Spotlight Search Integration - Designer profiles and content are indexed so it’s all searchable from your device’s home screen.
  • Snappy Animations and Transitions - It just feels good, folks.
  • An Addictive Easter Egg - If you can find it.

So go download it now! We look forward to your feedback as we continue to fine tune the app and add more functionality. Stay tuned for upcoming releases that’ll include mobile uploading, push notifications, more content from Dribbble, and Apple TV.

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