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Shot Block: 36 Days of Type, G‑H‑I

This week’s Shot Block continues our highlight of 36 Days of Type with G’s, H’s, and I’s, oh my! See for yourself how enthusiasm and commitment are paying off for these Dribbblers in the shots below.

  1. G —36 Days of Type
  2. G - 36 Days of type
  3. 36 Days of Type - G
  4. H
  5. 36 days of type - H
  6. H - 36 Days of Type
  7. 36 Days of Type 2017 | I
  8. Ibis, I

Row 1: Bryn Taylor, Miguel Ángel González, Will Gelatko. Row 2: Allison Supron, Peter Meng (CreateThinks), Shibli Rahman. Row 3: Carla Soriani 💪, Lydia Stutzman.

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