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Timeout: Ciara Ní Dhuinn

Who are you?

I’m a Irish creative who traveled across the ocean to be with my husband whom I met when he studied in Ireland. By day I’m a creative director at FCB Chicago working with some really amazing clients and people. By night I’m an illustrator working on passion projects and client work. I’m also a full time mom, tooth fairy, taxi driver, cheerleader, personal assistant, party planner, co-star of fake you tube videos that live on the iPad and last but not least protector of childhood imagination. I’m not kidding I have this all on my Linkedin profile.

What are you working on?

Well it’s a new year and a good time to wrap up some old projects and start some new ones. I just kicked off my passion project with my partner in crime Hannah Smith. To sum it up, The 220 Project takes the 220 sight words used to educate children in comprehending 70% of the English language and then illustrates the words to hopefully be used as a tool to aid visual learners. I also recently teamed up with Seth Eckert and crew of The Furrow TV for a fun animated illustration project which should be out pretty soon. There are also a couple of picture books on the horizon and hopefully this year I will pitch a new tv animated series. Oh I’m also a human incubator for the next 5 months. Our second child is due in July.

Choose a favorite shot of yours. Why is it a favorite?

Hiding bear

Hiding bear

by Ciara Ní Dhuinn

Toying with book idea and cover. Full illustration here

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There is always some story behind the shots I put up that I don’t always share. This one in particular was haunting me, and by that I mean my brain wouldn’t rest until I had it down on paper and written out how the book would come to life. I love bears … all bears. I enjoy the idea of trying to hide someone so big and large that he thinks he is invisible to the world but everyone sees him as he is.

Tell us about your setup. What tools did you use to create the shot (e.g. hardware, software, pens, paper, blowtorch)?

Img 5553

In the office space that is currently being stripped down, repainted and rethought I have piles of sketchbooks, watercolors, paints and kick-knacks. So for now my favorite place to noodle is in the living room in front of the office, on the big orange couch that I love. Behind the couch is one of my favorite prints from Irish Illustrator Steve Simpson. I normally sketch out my ideas on a blank notebook that I carry with me everywhere. I photograph or scan in the sketches I want to work with on my Wacom Companion Cintiq which I love, and then link up with my Mac. If you have wrist problems do yourself favor and get a tablet. When I don’t make my own brushes I use Kyle Webster’s brushes. My go to program is Photoshop and Illustrator is a close second.

Choose a favorite shot from another Player. Why do you dig it?

Oh tough question. I could pick any of Dave Mottram’s pieces and call them a favorite. Dave has such joy, talent and whimsy that comes through in everything he touches. His brush stroke, attention to detail and technique are always a pleasure to see. I have never had the chance to meet him but he is one my favorite people I’ve met on the internet.

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