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A Note Regarding Community

There’s been an uptick in community and support issues recently and we thought it was important to address them today and talk about what we can do together to make things better.

Ensuring Dribbble is a safe, inclusive place for all has continually been a priority for us as a company. Every day, we take action on content that is inappropriate, abusive, or discriminatory. Do we always get it right or catch everything immediately? No. Our small team has the big challenge of monitoring what is an ever-growing community of diverse creative folks from all over world. We rely heavily on the community itself to flag and alert us of content and/or members that violate our guidelines. We’re always striving to do the right thing; however we can always improve.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

  • Add the ability to report abusive or harmful profiles. This will make it far easier for the community to alert us of any bad actor accounts that need suspension.
  • Allow members to remove themselves from lists. This will help folks that may not wish to be on a public list and/or misrepresented, creating an impossible support challenge for our team to investigate the nature of any list and its members. (Note that currently, blocking a member does remove yourself from the blocked member’s lists.)
  • Improve our efforts to identify spammy and abusive content. We have many mechanisms in place that identify abusive behavior, but we can do more. We’ve recently been alerted of some additional offensive terms that some were tagging their shots with. Those will be removed.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Get familiar with our Community Guidelines. They exist to help us keep our community safe and inclusive. We also encourage questions and comments on our guidelines. Feel like something is missing, or have a suggestion to improve our coverage? We value any and all feedback that helps make this a place we can all be proud of.
  • If you see something concerning, let us know. For some content (shots, messages) we have flagging functionality that makes this easy. For others, we’ll be adding it. In the meantime, contact us at support so that we can investigate and make the best call possible on whether to remove it or not.
  • Remember that tolerance is a two-way street. When using social gestures, ask yourself: Would I mind if this gesture was made to me? If everyone made gestures like this, would the community be stronger or weaker for it?

Thanks for listening, and for helping us keep Dribbble a safe and welcoming place for everyone. Managing a community as talented, outspoken, and caring as this isn’t easy—but we love the challenge and understand it’s always been worth it. Onward and upward.

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