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Shot Block: Alpine Adventures

I recently moved out of the low, rolling hills of Austin and back into my home territory beneath the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. I kicked off enjoying the heights and sights with a cross-country ski trip to a yurt, and wanted to highlight the beauty and adventure of life in alpine climates as presented by the Dribbblers below.

  1. Snowboarder emerging from Powder
  2. Yurt Exploded View
  3. Reinvention.
  4. 1978 American Women's Himalayan Expedition
  5. Ski Event Poster
  6. Wyoming
  7. Winter Adventure Essentials
  8. The House On The River Drina
  9. Mountains - Letterpress

Top: Kelly Kurtz, Craig Moscony, Amanda Sandlin. Middle: Beth Dean, Matthew Fleming, Hallie Rose Taylor. Bottom: Lisa Sundin, Dusan Klepic, Harry Diaz.

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