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Shot Block: Mug Shots

No one wants an ugly mug, right? But if you’re going camping, you need something light and durable. Enter the enamel mug. Designers on Dribbble are making this camping staple even more desirable with beautiful, adventure-inspired designs. Check out mug shots in the Shot Block below.

  1. Disappointment Mountain Mug
  2. OZO Enamel Mug
  3. Authentic Explorer Heritage - Enamel Mug
  4. Vulture and Cactus Camp Mug
  5. Enamel Mug [Let's Get Lost]
  6. The Great Black Bear Mug
  7. MSD Mugs
  8. Roostercat Camp Mug
  9. A Walk In The Woods - Enamel Mugs

Row 1: Brent Schoepf, Dan Lehman for Good Apples, Cesar Zeppini. Row 2: Michael Adams, Lindsay Muir, Jon Brommet. Row 3: Oban Jones, Clover Partners, Andrew Berkemeyer.

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