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August Dribbble Meetup Wrap‑up

Almost 900 of you attended Dribbble Meetups in August—with 11 meetups in 7 countries. There were some big meetups in Ottawa, Jakarta, and Bangalore—each had 100+ designers in attendance. Ankara and Tampa shared incredible highlight videos you can see below.

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Ankara, Turkey @ TTGV KIVILCIM

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“We had about 30 designers at Ankara Dribbble Meetup and two speakers shared their experiences. It was great opportunity to gather designers and developers and other industrial designers in the community. We discussed trending designs, illustrations and user interface design process. We also discussed about what can we do to grow the our community.

Turgay Mutlay talked about his customer experience and drawing passions and how to started his design adventure. M. Akif Tunc talked about him user experience strategies and their design process. Besides Dribbble swag, we gave away 30 Iconfinder t-shirts, 3 Drubbbler Pro accounts, and a few Balsamiq mockup extended licenses. We served some delicious pizzas and awesome Dribbble cupcakes. We can’t wait for our second Dribbble Meetup.”

See the highlight video below:

Ottawa, Canada @ Shopify

“On August 31st the super cool offices of Shopify opened their doors to over 100 amazing designers from Ottawa, Canada. The design community here got together to hear some great speakers talk about general design approaches and user interface design for some cutting edge holographic technologies like the Hololens. Followed by lots of chatting and partying until late, along with free food! August’s Dribbble Meetup was a great time, I can’t wait to organize another!”

Tampa, FL @ Harbr

“We had people from the community come and hang out for drinks and snack. After we all got to know each other, Shammer Diaz, founder and designer at Bold Legacy gave a short talk on the importance of presentation, both in your work and as a professional person. Taking ownership in everything you do was at the heart of his talk, inspiring all of us to work our faces off, day in and day out. We then opened up the floor for any questions and they ranged from client work presentations to balancing aspects of life as a creative.”

Harbr put together a great highlight video below:

Bangalore, India @ Zeta HQ

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“We are glad to report that the first ever Dribbble Meetup in Bangalore was a grand success. Read a blog from an attendee on Medium.”

Jakarta, Indonesia @ Kejora HQ

“The second Jakarta Dribbble Meetup was a huge success! The event was held at Kejora HQ and the team did a great job in organizing the meetup!

Two months before the meetup, we were already fully booked and about 100+ people actually came and learned from two speakers: Monika Halim, (VP of UX Design from Go-jek) and Richard Fang (CEO of Weekend Inc). The topic for this meetup was ‘Designing for Startups.’ Both speakers shared their experience on how it is like to work in startups as compared to work in design agency, the design sprint used in their teams, MVP and many more! Other than that, we also had panel discussion, games and food!

We also did some survey for after event improvement. Majority said they look forward for follow up event/workshop and what we did was already good. BIG Thanks to our sponsors, StickerMule, Shopify, Invision, Indosat Ooredoo and Printerous for supporting us!”

See all the photos from the Jakarta Dribbble Meetup on Facebook

Cleveland, OH @ Weapons of Mass Creation

“Having been a longtime attendee of WMC Fest I was so happy to see the new addition of a Dribbble Meetup at WMC Fest 7. You never know how social events outside of the main conference will be attended by people ready to either have some alone time or the myriad of other choices present at conferences. So I was so happy to see the meetup venue, Spotted Owl](, overrun with two to three times the people expected. Drinks were flowing, conversations overlapping and people not wanting to leave. In fact, the event ran far past it’s allotted time. All had a great time, the Dribbble swag was eaten up, and we are grateful for so many of our online Dribbble community to have been able to meet in real life. Thanks, Dribbble and WMC Fest!”

Exeter, UK @ The City Gate

“It was a huge privilege to kickoff Exeter’s first Dribbble Meetup with some nice beers down the pub! We had 15 great designers show up from all kinds of disciplines. We used this first meetup to chat, network and get a sense of whats happening in the area and what people would fancy going forward. It was great fun and there will be lots more to come!”


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