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April Dribbble Meetup Wrap‑up

In April, over 750 of you attended Dribbble Meetups around the globe—with 13 meetups in 8 countries. There were some BIG turnouts this month in Porto, Prague, São Paulo, and others.

Get pumped for upcoming meetups in Mexico City, San Jose, Varaždin, Barcelona, and more. Keep up to date with the latest upcoming Dribbble Meetups or start your own.

Porto, Portugal @ Maus Hábitos

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“The first Porto Dribbble Meetup was awesome. It was a very informal event where the stories and know-how shared on stage were impressive. Great speakers with interesting talks about customization, game design, typography, new platforms, and how Dribbble helped growing their companies. Funny enough, not a lot of people that were there knew what Dribbble was and it was great to talk about it and promote it.

We had five talks and around hundred people in the audience. We also had delicious pizza and drinks. We had a great time, and even though the weather was horrible—people showed up and wanted to be a part of this event. Porto is the perfect place to have designers connected and engaged for creativity. The local community understands that design has so much to do with their life and it can improve their quality of life.”

Prague @ Avast HQ

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“At the Prague Dribbble Meetup, almost 150 of the best designers from Czech and Slovak Republic met at rooftop in Prague sharing their knowledge and experience. We had two speakers, one who is regarded as legend of Czech design scene who shared his journey and another talking about cutting edge, crunchy animations in user interfaces. We enjoyed the sunset, great people, beers, and great atmosphere!”

São Paulo, Brazil @ Clube de Negócios

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“São Paulo’s first Dribbble Meetup happened and it was an absolute success. We were hosted by the co-working Clube De Negócios and 50+ people showed up. Our talks, by lead designers from top organizations, went from HCI (Human Centered Interaction) to ‘how side projects can boost your career.’ It was an amazing opportunity for São Paulo’s design scene get together, eat pizza, drink beer and have fun. We’re looking forward to out next edition!”

Pittsburgh, PA @ Truefit HQ

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“The Pittsburgh Dribbble Meetup was awesome! We had a little over 50 people attend. So many new friends were made in the designer community and it was great to see so many awesome people together in one space. We held the meetup in the Union Trust building downtown Pittsburgh, where Truefit just finished renovating their new office space. It was a great environment for designers. We kicked the evening off with some socializing, snacks, and a traveling barista provided some signature coffee drinks.

A few members of the Truefit design team took a few minutes and offered some great insight on their design process with a talk titled, ‘The Mother Sauce of Agile Design.’ We got insight on how they tackle their projects and how their design is influenced in the UX process.

A huge thank you to Truefit for letting us use their newly built office space and for preparing an awesome talk for the guests. We can’t wait to host another one!”

Bucharest, Romania @ TechHub Bucharest

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“The Dribbble community in Romania is really strong, with designers who are trendsetters. The Creative Tim team really enjoyed the chance to get together with the community and exchange ideas. This was our second Dribbble Meetup and we were glad to see more familiar faces this time.

We kicked things off with a social game and introductions—everybody got a chance to say a few things about what they do and also network with the other participants. Then we moved on to a Q&A session with our speakers. We had Ionut Neagu, founder of ThemeIsle, talk about the role that design plays when building themes and templates. We then talked more with Stefan Condurachi, senior UI/UX designer, who let us know about the path that you can take as a designer, lessons from along the way, and future trends regarding Internet of Things and new ways to interact with devices. Our final speaker, Tudor Juravlea, experienced UX specialist, opened up our horizons about the way new technology trends change the problems that design is trying to solve.

All in all, it has been a really fun evening, with people actively participating and asking questions. We have a really positive feedback afterwards and everyone seems to have left the meetup having made a few new acquaintances and with some new ideas formed.

We would like to thank TechHub Bucharest for helping us by providing the space and necessary tools. And we also had some great sponsors: SmashIcons, Designmodo, HotJar and ThemeIsle provided web design tools and RedBull came along with energy drinks. We’re looking forward to the next one!”

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Warsaw, Poland @ Solec 44

“The 2nd Dribbble Warsaw meetup organized by EL Passion & Daftcode took place on the 20th of April. We had nearly 80 designers at the event, including 3 great speakers that shared their knowledge with the attendees. The talks were by Co-founder of UXPin Kamil Zięba, UX Designer at Wirtualna Polska Iga Furmańczyk, and Co-owner of VKNGS Michal Galubiński. We had an amazing time and are already planning the next Dribbble Meetup within next few months.”

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Riga, Latvia @ The Mill

“We had a great meetup at The Mill in Riga. This time it was about handlettering. We had folks from Wild Type over, who shared how they launched brush fonts and a young designer Karina who told us about her passion for calligraphy and font experiments. Around 100 people attended. Pizza and snacks were sponsored by the digital goods marketplace Sellfy.”

Sofia, Bulgaria @ 1HUB

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Martin Bonov Martin Bonov Designing delightful experiences for web, mobile and beyond. Founder of @Kickflip and @Perspektiva Design Services: Design Consulting • Product Strategy • Brand Identity • Web/Mobile Interface Design • Interaction and Motion Design • User Experience • Design Systems • Design Sprints Content Creation: Storyboarding • Creative Direction • Outdoor Photography • Product Placement Photography • Filmmaking and Video Editing • Drone Photography • VR and 360° Content

“This April we had our 5th Dribbble Meetup in Sofia. We gathered nearly 40 people, most of them already known from our previous events—spovv, noxiousone, boyankostov, Tsanev, zht and many more.

We had a few drinks, snacks and shared some laughs and interesting stories. As we wanted to have a good discussion we prepared seven hot design topics and got quite surprised as our time passed by the third one. There was more participation than we thought.

Even though there were plenty of stickers, buttons and notebooks, we organised a raffle at the end and gave away licenses for Marvel App, Indigo Studio and Protosketch, followed by the biggest awards—three life-time licenses for Sketch App.

Special thanks to our sponsors and congratulations to the lucky lads who won! We are very excited about the upcoming months. Our design community is growing and we really need more meetups like this one. Join our Facebook group or follow #SofiaDribbble to stay up to date with our next event!”

Irvine, CA @ Acorns HQ

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“We had about 60 designers and engineers mingle at Acorns HQ at the Irvine Dribbble Meetup. We enjoyed pizza, drinks, and lightning chats. We had four great 10-minute presentations by Andrew Lee, Claudia Bertilsson, Joel Beukelman, and Jon Exell. Local sponsors Incipio, Sketch, Column Five, and Billabong provided prizes that were given away in between the presentations.”

Boston, MA @ Raizlabs HQ

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“Raizlabs was happy to host our second, of hopefully many, Dribbble Meetups at our Boston office! We put a fun design and usability spin on the Analog Playoff formula for this go round. We challenged everyone to create their own hand illustrated puzzles about communication—which they had to reassemble for the win! It was an amazing event, with upwards of 70 Dribbblers showing up and participating in a fun filled night!”

Miami, FL @ Gramps

“We had a small gathering of Miami Dribbblers to talk about design and enjoy a few brews. Bringing sketchbooks is always encouraged.”

Las Vegas, NV @ Work in Progress

“We had 10 people attend the Las Vegas Dribbble Meetup. We had pizza and beer while we showed off some of our designs talked about what designers should do when it comes to coding. We’d love to do it again soon.”


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