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Timeout: Neil Hubert

Who are you?

I’m Neil Hubert, originally from Michigan, now soaking up the sun in Los Angeles. I run a small agency, Radical Co-op, with my buddy Mathew Foster out of an office in LA’s Chinatown.

What are you working on?

A couple restaurant branding projects, some ongoing packaging work, and lots of apparel graphics. Planning on doing some bike racing this year so I’ve been riding a lot as well.

Choose a favorite shot of yours. Why is it a favorite?

A favorite shot is this made in USA eagle badge. It wasn’t for anything in particular, just a quick idea that came out of some lettering for another project. It’s nice to be able to share these types of things on Dribbble, as they don’t always fit neatly into a portfolio site.

Tell us about your setup. What tools did you use to create the shot (e.g. hardware, software, pens, paper, blowtorch)?


Having a space to work outside of the home is huge for me. I really like keeping work and life separate, I find it helps me to be productive for a set amount of the day, as opposed to having an un-ending mediocre level of focus on work throughout all my waking hours. I generally try to leave my laptop in my bag and stop looking at email whenever I’m at home.

Big desk, stacks of printer paper to draw on. Cheapo bic mechanical pencils. Little portable Brother scanner. $10 corded mouse with scroll wheel (I have a stockpile of these things for when Logitec stops making them!). Notepad for to-do lists. Ruler. Incense of the west.

Choose a favorite shot from another Player. Why do you dig it?

Shuta Hauling

Shuta Hauling

by Zach Shuta

I love the smell of asphalt in the morning.

View on Dribbble

Big fan of Zach Shuta’s work. All of his shots are great, tons of detail, usually just one color, and a whole lot of attitude.

I saw on Zach’s Instagram that this design is for his uncle’s company. I think as designers, we’ve all done work for some member of our family at one point or another–I know I have. Its always nice to be able to help out those closest to you, and in the process give them a product that is probably far better than what they would normally get.

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