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The UX Files: RoomChecking

MISSION: RoomChecking

RoomChecking is a Paris-based company that creates a software suite for high-end hotels. This mission involved designing and redesigning portions of the suite.

UX AGENT: Erik Kennedy

Freelance UX/UI designer Erik Kennedy works from Seattle for an impressive range of companies that includes Amazon and Soylent. Erik thinks Dribbble is the “single best resource out there for aspiring designers to get inspiration.” Is that second sentence mission-relevent? No. Does that second sentence make us beam? Yes.



COMPLICATION: Shared Devices

Typically, hotels have a few devices shared across many employees. “There’s a unique situation where a dozen users could all the using the same device at different times,” Erik explains. To increase efficieny, Erik simplified the product’s log-in process. “Instead of having to type a username, you can simply tap your avatar and your name will be filled in.”

Hotel management screens – visual login hotel login room

Hotel management screens – visual login

by Erik D. Kennedy

Many people from the same hotel use the same devices, so login is made quicker by selecting your user's photo, rather than typing in your username. Password is still required.

View on Dribbble


Timer. The screen to the right (above) features a timer, which records the time it takes an employee to clean each room.

Messaging. The front desk has the option to add messages to employees.

Reporting. Kennedy spent the most UX effort on the list to the right, “which includes restocking items from various categories (Bed, Bar) and recording how many stock were used, as well as reporting items for the Lost and Found, and Issues for facilities to fix.” While each of these items has associated CRUD functionality (create, view, edit, delete), it’s all tucked away on the visible page. “All that stuff appears, slides in, but the main screen is kept clean as possible.”

Nice work, Agent Kennedy.

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