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Pep Rally: Paris

Paris Meetup

On its own, the word “Parisian” carries cachet. “Parisian designer” is life in the chic lane. “Parisian Dribbbling designer”? The ultimate.

Parisian Dribbbling designers gather this Friday under the glass-topped meeting space of French accelerator The Family. Sunrise co-founder and designer Jeremy Le Van and Guillaume Simon, co-founder and product designer at Tigerlily and Sleek, will deliver talks, leaving plenty of time for aperitifs and meeting up.

Below, meetup organizer and designer Kevin Cudennec shares a few details of the Paris design scene. Thanks to him, those of us Not In Paris can imagine we are, come Friday night.

Who are you and what are you working on?

Hi, my name is Kevin, I am a freelance UI / UX designer based in Paris. I love exploring vibrant and colorful concepts. I have been cultivating a deep passion for pixel perfection for more than three years now.

I’m currently working at Goodeed. Goodeed is a new service which allows you to make free donations (vaccines, meals or trees) by watching an ad for 20 seconds. I had the chance to join their team at the beginning of 2015, to work on the redesign of their website in order to launch the international version of their product.

Goodeed office

In my free time, it’s important for me to work on side projects, especially because it allows me to improve some of my skills that I don’t have the opportunity to practice with my clients — such as artwork or lettering — while having greater freedom.

The last project was the organization of the Dribbble meetup with my friends Lucas Bonomi and Arthur Carayon. [Ed. Note: Kevin also designed the meetup shot, up top.]

Tell us about your city and its design scene.

Paris has always been known for its design and architecture. It’s a very inspiring city, where the different eras of art and architecture blend very well with our new technologies. This is also why this city has a lot of charm.

The design scene is pretty active. We have a bunch of great artists in many different fields. Related events for tech people and designers are becoming more regular.

However, we’re a huge community of players in Paris. We thought it was really time to meet everyone and introduce ourselve over a beer or two.

Choose a favorite shot from three Parisian Dribbblers and tell us why you chose them.

  1. Clubs
  2. Oxmo logo dribble
  3. Suhio shoot

Barthelemy Chalvet, Clubs, above left.
I am always impressed by the quality of Barthelemy’s work, the way he manages to offer a very clean and visual UI, while offering an original and innovative UX. For me, he is really one of the best UI/UX designers in Paris.

Alexis Taïeb/TYRSA, OXMO PUCCINO official logo, above center.
Alexis is definitely the most talented typographer I’ve ever seen. I love the ability he has to work the letters on differents supports with many differents tools. For those who don’t know him, I invite you to discover his portfolio and all his awesome works!

Tommy Roussel, Mac App (Full view), above right.
I had the chance to meet Tommy because we’ve both worked for He became a very good friend and also a great advisor, because of his experience. I really like his approach to design, and the way he take inspiration directly from nature and travelling.

Find Kevin at the Paris Dribbble Meetup, at Dribbble, on Twitter and at

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