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Dribbblers rock.

Many of you put down the design tools and pick up the musical instruments come week’s end. Many more spend work hours translating a band’s audible vibe into visual magic, from gig posters for Grammy winners to mix-tape homages to late greats. Illustrator and musician Scott Soeder works and plays out of Louisville, Kentucky. He says making merch for bands is a good gig for a designer.

“I am a big music fan, so it seems natural to work with bands creating art for products that end up on display at the Ye Old Merch Table,” Scott told Dribbble. “I enjoy finding a likeness with the characters of the members that I create and try to bring the personality of the person in the piece. Not to mention it is a blast drawing the instruments and again trying to bring some quirkiness and personality to them as well!”

Below, you can find Scott’s recent project for indie popsters Lake Street Dive, plus eight more magical, musical shots from the last six months.

  1. Lake Street Dive
  2. kate tempest
  3. Casket Girls Tour Poster 2
  4. Butterfly Boy
  5. Laveau
  6. FICTIONIST Album Cover
  7. Cranial Album Cover
  8. Sirens Big Band gig poster
  9. Joan Jett Jump

Row 1: Scott Soeder, Bailey Sullivan, Adam Hanson. Row 2: Melody Rose, Alex Rinker, Andrew Colin Beck. Row 3: Tyler Hahn, Green Peas for Breakfast, Brandon Rike.

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