Who are you?

My name is Jennet Liaw and I’m a freelance graphic designer based in Los Angeles. Brand identity is my bread and butter, but I’ve been directing my focus toward type design and lettering this past year. Generally, I need a lot of variety to refuel, so I’m working with completely different mediums and styles from week to week.

What are you working on?

At the moment, I’m juggling a couple of branding projects and working on some screen titles. I’ve also been shifting my energy toward personal projects, and am building on the brand of screen-printed tees and posters that I recently launched. It’s not an area of design I would have expected to dive into, but it’s incredibly rewarding to put my own perspective and taste out there, and connect with thousands of people through that vessel.

Choose a favorite shot.

Coffee First. I’m the type of designer who doesn’t love surrounding themselves with their own work, so I guess it says something that I’ve been able to stand having this little vector doodle as my iPhone lock screen for some time. It’s ironically the one thing that doesn’t need a reminder, for me at least, so I enjoy that the graphic kind of nags you … in a quiet and futile way.

Tell us about your setup.


This is my simple setup at home. I’m pretty restless, physically and mentally, so I keep things pretty mobile. I’m always ready to move my workstation to a standing desk (in a different room), or my favorite coffeeshop. My toolset is probably as bare-bones as it gets. The workflow always starts with just pencil and paper. At least ten Illustrator tabs are open at all times, and I finish most jobs in Photoshop.

Choose a favorite shot from another player.

Okkervil River//Baltimore, MD Poster by DKNG. It’s a beautiful balance of all that is most difficult to balance. It’s textured yet clean, geometric yet fluid. I could have just as easily chosen any DKNG shot - the thought and execution is always on point, and I could study those lovely halftone layers for days.

Okkervil River // Baltimore, MD Poster dkng poster silkscreen bird baltimore oriole dan kuhlken nathan goldman screen print okkervil river

Okkervil River // Baltimore, MD Poster


Above is the poster we created for Okkervil River's recent show in Baltimore, Maryland. The 24"x18" three color screen print has an edition of 100 and is available now in our online store. We plan on releasing an art print version of the poster in the ...

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