Better Than Kittens

Good Work

  • image Harlequinade 2013, a benefit for Talespinner Children’s Theatre, Cleveland, Ohio; event identity by Casey Ocasio



Where’s Dribbble? Finland

  • image Pekka Keskinen, Helsinki: Double Spirit digital painting
  • image John Salinero, Helsinki: Film Camera 2
  • image Vladimir Stankovic, Rovaniemi: Collection, from the Browsing Copy series in which designers, illustrators and artists use rejected books “as a canvas for their creativity”


Isn’t It Romantic?

  • image When we asked Tomasz Kartasinski for a little more info. on Together, we expected a reply in the traditional mode: “I made it for XYZ to do ThisThat&TheOther.” Instead, we beheld a charming marriage of design and affection. Tomasz: “I was waiting to see my girlfriend and wondering when we can meet. At the same time, I was surfing through some inspiration sites and I saw a poster with the word ‘together.’ Everything fits together perfectly. I’ve wanted to write it like one word but with three separate words in it. So I used Bariol font, which has great thin and bold weights. That’s the story.”


Several brave Dribbbling pensters took on this October challenge, and are tackling a new ink drawing every day this month.

Me Too!

We Like Books

  • image Have a nice day illustration by Gaia Bordicchia from an upcoming picture book
  • image Book Spines by John Choura Jr., on its way to print for the upcoming “Good Advice” issue of the Biola University magazine
  • image Section of John Stevens’ hand-lettered cover of The Treasury of Religious and Spiritual Quotations
  • image PPGs in Trouble!!! Cover for Powerpuff Girls #1 comic book for IDW Publishing by Rich Woodall


  • image It’s alive! Cuberto’s PhotoDrive app, which allows you to take photos directly into albums, is live at the App Store.
  • image Carlos Rocafort shared the snazzy icon for Evernote Design’s Penultimate handwriting app.
  • image New site for Geckotree web shop, AKA the Simpson brothers, Rob and Kev
  • image Welcome to Palantir, our first Team from outer space!

Coaches’ Picks

  • image Part Time Job 006 - Sport Shop by Chow Hon Lam
  • image Round Animals by Elena Lazutina
  • image Book art by Isobelle Ouzman, who glues the pages together in sections, then carves through each layer individually as she works her way through to the back.
  • image Abdul Wahid Ovaice has been busy at work on new homepage, Nest Protect product website, online store and support site. Nest takes “the unloved products in your home and make simple, beautiful, thoughtful things,” e.g. smarter, user-friendly thermostats and smoke detectors.
  • image Vintage Vehicles by Steve Wolf for “a client in Europe. They wanted some graphic looking vehicles from the late 1800’s up to the 1920s era. Motor, bikes, ships and planes were the categories.”


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