1. Palantir Foundry: Data Health checks dashboard enterprise dropdown popover palantir graph chart health visualization data
    View Palantir Foundry: Data Health
    Palantir Foundry: Data Health
  2. Planning and Simulation analysis dashboard charts data visualization open source flights tooltips widgets maps simulation planning
    View Planning and Simulation
    Planning and Simulation
  3. Blueprint Table blueprint selection error danger spreadsheet table system ui interface
    View Blueprint Table
    Blueprint Table
  4. Sidebar navigation menu sidebar web application toolkit system blueprint style guide ux user interface ui
    View Sidebar
  5. Data funnel
    View Data funnel
    Data funnel
  6. Palantir unified header web ux user ui prototype interface js css html data gif app
    View Palantir unified header
    Palantir unified header
  7. Plottable.JS grid ui scatter line bar analytics library data graph chart plot
    View Plottable.JS
  8. Small Business Portal plot card app mobile charts analysis ux ui palantir business small data
    View Small Business Portal
    Small Business Portal
  9. HC - 02
    View HC - 02
    HC - 02
  10. Foundry search autocomplete autocomplete search web ux experience user ui interface data app
    View Foundry search autocomplete
    Foundry search autocomplete
  11. Annie
    View Annie
  12. Tracking the Front Lines in Syria palantir map timeline dark philanthropy ui dashboard
    View Tracking the Front Lines in Syria
    Tracking the Front Lines in Syria
  13. Blueprint
    View Blueprint
  14. Danger Toasts
    View Danger Toasts
    Danger Toasts
  15. HC7 - 01
    View HC7 - 01
    HC7 - 01
  16. Blueprint Kit tooltip popover dropdown tabs spinner input slider button switch checkbox interface blueprint
    View Blueprint Kit
    Blueprint Kit
  17. Analysis Decisions app design ux ui data decisions analysis product tree
    View Analysis Decisions
    Analysis Decisions
  18. Radar search filter tiles flag fraud palantir radar ui interface
    View Radar
  19. Blueprint Color Schemes visual design data visualization web ux ui toolkit guides style guide palette color scheme colors
    View Blueprint Color Schemes
    Blueprint Color Schemes
  20. 2 Rings
    View 2 Rings
    2 Rings
  21. HC7 - 03
    View HC7 - 03
    HC7 - 03
  22. Holiday Party branding + invitation landing page digital web fun information yellow green party holiday festive invitation organization typography compass bird logo branding
    View Holiday Party branding + invitation
    Holiday Party branding + invitation
  23. holiday party invitation compass minimalistic line flower bird yellow green fun tropical festive invitation party holiday gif
    View holiday party invitation
    holiday party invitation
  24. HC
    View HC
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