One of our focal points at Dribbble is helping you discover interesting shots. Toward that end, we launched Buckets last week. Today we’re happy to release Colors.

You can now search for shots by color. Just head over to the color search page (accessible via the Explore menu). There are color swatches at the top. We tried to provide broad coverage, but the swatch results are far from exhaustive coverage of all shots on Dribbble.

The color picker on the right allows you to select your own hex code and get as broad or precise as you like. There are two sliders for adjusting results:

Color variance widens or narrows the range of color used to search. A higher variance tends to produce more, but less precise, results. Results at a lower variance will be closer to the selected hex code, though fewer in number.

Color minimum specifies the minimum percent of a shot that contains colors in the selected range. For example, searching green with a color minimum of 50% returns only shots that are half green.

If you’re confused by these definitions (we had a hard time writing them :), play around a bit. See how changes to the sliders affect your results; it’s probably the best way to learn. You should be able to use them to get very precise results when needed.

Our color database is generated from the shot images themselves by quantizing (reducing) all colors in a shot to a set of (up to) eight. The quantized colors for a given shot are displayed on its details page. Each color is linked to color search, so you can click on any color to search for other shots in the same color range.

While testing colors, we’ve found many new people and shots that we love, so we’re thrilled to open it to the public. Color us excited!

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