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Timeout: Rogie

Timeouts are lightning-quick interviews. Five questions to help you get to know the players holding court at Dribbble. We’ll be featuring a different player on a (hopefully) regular basis here on the blog. Many thanks to Rogie (pronounced RAH-GEE just FYI) for being the inaugural interviewee.

Who are you? Let us know where you hail from and what you do.

I’m Rogie King. Homeschooled, former bedwetter hailing from the frigid tundra that is Helena, Montana. I do lots of things. I’m a daddy and a husband. I hunt, camp, float rivers, drink stout Montana micro brews, design, illustrate and code. I’m guessing you’d want to know a bit more about the side of me that’s seen on Dribbble.

I’m a former Math/Computer Science double major with hopes to be a video game developer, with previous hopes to be a Disney animator, turned designer, illustrator and front end coder. I love what I do and you can find me frolicking around the internet, mostly on Dribbble and Twitter (@rogie).

What are you working on?

I’m wrapping up a long-time-coming redesign of Mad Mimi, dubbed “Mimi 2” that is not only an overhaul of their front-end site, but almost every tool in the system.

I’m also working on finishing up icon sets for my upcoming store, Fine Goods, a Mac OS X app for Flexibits and practicing my hand at becoming a better illustrator, which was a childhood dream of mine.

Choose a favorite shot of yours. Tell us why it’s a favorite.

That would have to be “Filled Again" — for many reasons. I designed it as therapy during a hard time last year, where my mother was going through a really rough season. Design (illustration especially) is great therapy for me.

This shot represents parts of my life in its reference to video games (Zelda heart piece) and my desire to be filled with God’s holy spirit at all times. It’s also a hail back to the style that I used when I first started illustrating with a computer for my website, Komodo Media.

Tell us about your setup. What tools did you use to create the shot(s)?

My setup is pretty simple. 15” MacBook Pro, 24” Apple LED Monitor, Logitech MX Revolution Mouse, Big ‘ol fat Logitech G35 Headset (noise block for the kids ;)

I work solely in Adobe Fireworks CS5, with a side of elbow grease and an obsession for pixel perfection: hopefully one day I’ll get those dang pixels perfect :) For illustrations, I sketch, then scan, then rework the illustration with vectors. I’m slowly getting into Illustrator more and more.

Choose a favorite shot from another player. Tell us why you dig it.

My gosh. I literally spent two hours from midnight to 2am to go through over 3K of my favorites. First of all, I battled between the Steinway Metronome App by Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain and the the Captain Crunch illustration by Matt Kaufenberg, but for the #1 spot, I’m gonna give it to Matt.

Matt’s illustrations are so incredibly rich, gorgeous and full of character. To me, more than a perfectly executed user interface or pixel perfect icons, character is the most important part of anything (to me personally). Of course, being usable, being a good design to solve a problem, etc are all needed.

But Matt’s illustrations make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. They make me smile a huge grin. Every time I see his work, I want to become a better illustrator. Cheers Matt. You inspire me.

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