1. Daily Prebuilt
    View Daily Prebuilt
    Daily Prebuilt
  2. Daily Developer Dashboard 2.0 api chart dashboard developer tools graphs ui video call visual design
    View Daily Developer Dashboard 2.0
    Daily Developer Dashboard 2.0
  3. Daily Developer Dashboard 1.0 api dashboard dashboard design metrics ui ux video chat
    View Daily Developer Dashboard 1.0
    Daily Developer Dashboard 1.0
  4. In-call network stats api daily.co download feedback iconography network stats ui video video call
    View In-call network stats
    In-call network stats
  5. Daily.co Video Call API api demo embed product design ui video video call web app webflow
    View Daily.co Video Call API
    Daily.co Video Call API
  6. Daily.co website redesign conferencing daily.co graphik landing page marketing remote work ui video calling webflow website
    View Daily.co website redesign
    Daily.co website redesign
  7. Daily.co | Dashboard Redesign calls daily.co dashboard interface meetings teams ui video calling
    View Daily.co | Dashboard Redesign
    Daily.co | Dashboard Redesign
  8. Calendar boozer calendar chooser dates interface numbers picker ui
    View Calendar
  9. Daily.co in-meeting menu camera controller daily.co iconography icons meeting microphone more screen share ui video calling
    View Daily.co in-meeting menu
    Daily.co in-meeting menu
  10. Introducing Daily calling custom daily dashboard meetings remote ui video video calls web
    View Introducing Daily
    Introducing Daily
  11. Pluot International Dial-in Support countries dial-in emoji meetings phone picker pluot ui video calling
    View Pluot International Dial-in Support
    Pluot International Dial-in Support
  12. Pluot TV Controller clean conference controller meeting minimal pluot simple ui video video calls
    View Pluot TV Controller
    Pluot TV Controller
  13. Pluot Join Pages illustration mobile pluot responsive ui visual design web design website
    View Pluot Join Pages
    Pluot Join Pages
  14. Pluot Join Page Illustrations colorful graphik icon iconography illustration ios phone pluot tv
    View Pluot Join Page Illustrations
    Pluot Join Page Illustrations
  15. Pluot Saving Animation animation button feedback interaction pluot save saving ui
    View Pluot Saving Animation
    Pluot Saving Animation
  16. Pluot Controller UI camera chat exit iconography icons microphone pluot screenshare symbols video conferencing
    View Pluot Controller UI
    Pluot Controller UI
  17. Audaily New Entry Button animation audio gif principle prototype sketch
    View Audaily New Entry Button
    Audaily New Entry Button
  18. Audaily Settings Card animation audio gif principle prototype sketch
    View Audaily Settings Card
    Audaily Settings Card
  19. Audaily Development code development ios react native sketch ui
    View Audaily Development
    Audaily Development
  20. Day 11: Loading Animation animation challenge daily loader loading principle ui
    View Day 11: Loading Animation
    Day 11: Loading Animation
  21. Surfcaster Identity Sketches adobe photoshop sketch apple pencil identity ipad pro sketches
    View Surfcaster Identity Sketches
    Surfcaster Identity Sketches
  22. Workspace 2016 apple imac logitech office portfolio setup studio workspace
    View Workspace 2016
    Workspace 2016
  23. Wildcard Cards app card card ui interface ios ui wildcard
    View Wildcard Cards
    Wildcard Cards
  24. Day 10: Jump To animation challenge comet daily form input interface pixate ui
    View Day 10: Jump To
    Day 10: Jump To
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