1. Villas on the Ravine colorful ravine tree seasonal logo circles dots pointillism
    View Villas on the Ravine
    Villas on the Ravine
  2. Antares dot antares minimal logo orange a
    View Antares
  3. SLAB Graphics sans serif facets logo cmyk
    View SLAB Graphics
    SLAB Graphics
  4. Career Cloud career person logo blue cloud
    View Career Cloud
    Career Cloud
  5. Skybilz icon logo tail orange animal streamer raccoon
    View Skybilz
  6. Khaira sans serif logo red movement people maple leaf
    View Khaira
  7. Rejected Landscape Icons day and night green scenery mountain icon logo rejected landscape
    View Rejected Landscape Icons
    Rejected Landscape Icons
  8. Design Flex arrows flex blue house home
    View Design Flex
    Design Flex
  9. New Grandma digital representative grandma update redo redraw
    View New Grandma
    New Grandma
  10. Rocha in the Orchards logo sunset identity handwriting script pears logo design rocha logo
    View Rocha in the Orchards logo
    Rocha in the Orchards logo
  11. Rejected Rocha Village logos monograms logos comp design rejected designs rejected
    View Rejected Rocha Village logos
    Rejected Rocha Village logos
  12. Rejected Gates logo redesign black iron fence symbol gates rejected logos rejected
    View Rejected Gates
    Rejected Gates
  13. Ken's Diner logo greasy spoon diner 50s diner 50s identity logo retro design
    View Ken's Diner logo
    Ken's Diner logo
  14. Rejected Ken's Diner logo restaurant identity branding identity logo retro design greasy spoon diner 50s 50s diner rejected logo rejected
    View Rejected Ken's Diner logo
    Rejected Ken's Diner logo
  15. Bears for Karen quick cartoon cute couple bears wedding newlywed
    View Bears for Karen
    Bears for Karen
  16. Jean Things cute minimal trousers cartoon absracted drawing clothing pants skirt black blue denim jeans
    View Jean Things
    Jean Things
  17. Rejected Holiday Party Invite winter blue string of lights reindeer vector art starry sky xmas christmas invitation invite holiday party holiday sleigh
    View Rejected Holiday Party Invite
    Rejected Holiday Party Invite
  18. Blue Icon Self Portrait orange vector self portrait minimal simple geometric blue
    View Blue Icon Self Portrait
    Blue Icon Self Portrait
  19. Pear Arch rejected spring summer fruit branch leaf flower arch pear
    View Pear Arch
    Pear Arch
  20. Pear Jewel diamond blue facets gemstone gem jewel pear
    View Pear Jewel
    Pear Jewel
  21. New Moon Icon face blue fat line lines minimal icon moon
    View New Moon Icon
    New Moon Icon
  22. Flat Edmonton canada alberta landmarks urban cityscape city buildings edmonton yeg flat
    View Flat Edmonton
    Flat Edmonton
  23. Rejected Butterflies mosaic symbol icons rejected rainbow butterflies butterfly
    View Rejected Butterflies
    Rejected Butterflies
  24. Simpsons smoonie american cartoon cartoon self portrait likeness avatar the simpsons
    View Simpsons smoonie
    Simpsons smoonie
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