Hello, I'm Theresa, a lead product designer with 10+ years of experience in UI/UX, user-centered design, and research. I am passionate about transforming complex information into user-friendly experiences that resonate with users, while prioritizing inclusivity, creativity, and simplicity.

I thrive in environments that nurture idea generation and problem-solving through collaboration. I enjoy working with cross-functional teams to achieve a common vision, emphasizing design principles and fulfilling customer needs. I embrace challenges enthusiastically, always pursuing opportunities for autonomous learning and knowledge sharing with my colleagues.

I’ve shipped impactful experiences for notable brands like Apple, Dolby Laboratories, PayPal, Adobe, Delta Airlines, American Express, Wells Fargo, Kelogg’s, The Economist, Macy’s, Gore-Tex, Bank of America, Sweet Protection, Blue Shield of California, and more directly or through various design agencies.

Truckee, CA

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Theresa Smith–Garringer