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Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1 camera

Here's probably my favorite Polaroid camera (from the ones I've owned/tried over the years): the SX-70 Alpha 1 SLR camera. The camera you can fold in your po...

February 11, 2015

Polaroid OneStep CloseUp, take 2

Second take on the Polaroid OneStep CloseUp illustration, with the same style used for the Polaroid 600 Spirit CL. Next up, I think I'll retackle the SX-70 ...

February 07, 2015

Polaroid OneStep, take 2

I redrew the Polaroid OneStep camera in the cleaner and softer style I used for the Spirit 600 CL piece. I used that opportunity to correct a few details, a...

February 06, 2015

Polaroid Spirit 600 CL

Last camera of the last few days. I used a different brush in Sketchbook Pro, that emulates a pen with a constant stroke. I also added a few touches of color...

February 03, 2015

Polaroid OneStep CloseUp

Another Polaroid camera drawn in front of the TV. This was done on an iPad 2, with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, and a Wacom Bamboo stylus.

February 03, 2015

Polaroid OneStep

I drew some more Polaroid cameras on my iPad in front of the TV. I've experienced a bit on this one, adding a few touches of color. This was done on an iPa...

February 03, 2015

Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Alpha 1

I have a Polaroid problem. I buy a lot of the ones I come across. I love the photos! I own the SX-70 Alpha 1 I used as a reference for the drawing, and it he...

July 31, 2014

Great horned owl skull, front view

Also known as the Tiger Owl, or Bubo virginianus. I've been fortunate enough to hang out with Mr @angryblue during WMC Fest, and he gave me some great feedb...

October 14, 2013