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Great horned owl skull [666th shot]

Also known as the Tiger Owl, or Bubo virginianus. Seemed very fitting for my 666th shot. As usual, done on an iPad 2, with Sketchbook Pro, and a Wacom Bamb...

June 05, 2013

Red-headed vulture skull

Also known as King vulture, or Sarcogyps calvus. A pretty fun one to draw with all the intertwining volumes and surfaces. As usual, done on an iPad 2, with...

April 13, 2013

Domestic cat skull

In today's installment of the animal kingdom skull series, I give you Felis silvestris catus' skull. More commonly known as the domestic cat. I've already ...

April 03, 2013

Common starling skull

And I finally have time to resume my work on this series. I started the drawing more than 2 weeks ago! Today, I give you a common starling skull. If you wan...

March 20, 2013

Vampire bat skull

Today, a vampire bat skull. I started that thing more than 2 weeks ago, and it's finally done, after a long string of medical awfulness. That being said, th...

February 23, 2013

Bull skull

And also, a quick bull skull study. iPad 2, Sketchbook Pro, Wacom Bamboo stylus.

February 10, 2013

Horse skull

Tonight I give you a horse skull. The bloody damn thing took me forever, because the lighting and shading was a pain to get right. I've attached the extra sh...

February 10, 2013

Gray wolf skull, part II

For this new installment of the animal skull series, I give you a gray wolf skull. As usual, done with Sketchbook Pro on an iPad 2, with a Wacom Bamboo styl...

February 05, 2013