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  1. Cub Studio Cub Studio Team Fraser Davidson Fraser Davidson Pro

  2. InVision InVision Team Emily Emily Pro

  3. clᴧy clᴧy Team

  4. Ricos Quesos Ricos Quesos Team Carla Corrales Carla Corrales Pro

  5. PG PG Team Michael Pons Michael Pons Pro

  6. Chapps Future Chapps Future Team

  7. Focus Lab Focus Lab Team Alex Sailer Alex Sailer Pro

  8. Fireart Studio Fireart Studio Team

  9. Leavingstone Leavingstone Team Anano Martsvaladze Anano Martsvaladze

  10. Aerolab Aerolab Team Gustavo Zambelli Gustavo Zambelli Pro

  11. Delicious Design League Delicious Design League Team Graham Erwin Graham Erwin Pro

  12. Alty Alty Team

  13. Wonderlust Wonderlust Team Allen Laseter Allen Laseter

  14. Underbelly Underbelly Team Anthony Lagoon Anthony Lagoon Pro

  15. MilesHerndon MilesHerndon Team Stacey McClure Stacey McClure Pro

  16. The New Fuel The New Fuel Team Brian Recktenwald Brian Recktenwald Pro

  17. Grovo Grovo Team Alex Collins Alex Collins

  18. M2H agency M2H agency Team

  19. Agilie Team Agilie Team Team Sergey Gladun Sergey Gladun

  20. Kit8 Kit8 Team Anton Fritsler (kit8) Anton Fritsler (kit8) Pro

  21. Designmodo Designmodo Team Market by Designmodo 🎪 Market by Designmodo 🎪

  22. Designmodo Designmodo Team Market by Designmodo 🎪 Market by Designmodo 🎪

  23. Mil's Mil's Team Aleksander Rozhnetsky Aleksander Rozhnetsky

  24. Guidebook Guidebook Team Guillermo Mont Guillermo Mont Pro

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