Hue Ice Live: Iconses

Hue Ice Live: Iconses

I needed a small icon for Hue Ice: Live - so I made this. I am still adding a lot of stuff to the app - and performance is better than ever!

Soon I will need people who have acces to a Philips Hue, to help me iron out the worst issues in the app, so let me know if you want to help.

Pixelsnapping on / off

Window size animations
Panel animations / positioning
UI optimizations
New Bulb panels
Bulb, deselect
Native menus
Changed events for color picker, no more 200% cpu usage

New Class :: VideoDisplay
Decoupled video from Camera / Camerasampler
New Class :: UIKitPanel
Dynamic positioning
New Class :: UIKitToolbar (header)
Dynamic width
Class :: ColorSamplePicker
Added offset_x, offset_y to input target
Added selection preview
Class :: UIbutton
Added UIIcon support

General optimization
Moved all buttons, sliders, panel elements into panels

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