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  1. Kevin Andersson Kevin Andersson

    Hacking around in the Philips Hue API. Making a couple of assets for a quick web-app. Stay tuned for more.

    Original @2x version is attached.

    Non Hue Preview
    Views, preview page

    Hue Preview
    Philips Hue, development page

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  3. Mikkel Aggerbo Mikkel Aggerbo

    Please tell more about the project :)

    over 1 year ago

  4. Chris Farina Chris Farina


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  5. Rodrigo Grundig Rodrigo Grundig

    So clean! :D
    Didn't quite get the icons alignment though..


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  7. Gianluca Aiello Gianluca Aiello

    yes please! :D

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  12. Kevin Andersson Kevin Andersson

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  18. Tobia Crivellari  Tobia Crivellari 

    Awesome! ;-)

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  20. Implemented color selection for my lights. Changing the color of a light, will be indicated on the small bulbs, which is pretty neat in my humble oppinion.

    This is really coming together nicely!

    Let me know what you guys think.

    Dev page
    If you want to have a peek at the current development site, just visit

    Remember, that url is my development page - so please refrain on commenting on that part.

    I've also added some random todos in my humans.txt.

    about 1 year ago

  21. While working with the unofficial Philips Hue API, another idea appeared to me. What if I could take a live videofeed, calculate the average color, convert it to HSL, and send it to any connected hue bulbs? Well, I would have one big-ass Ambilight setup, that is what!

    After a couple of hours coding tonight, mainly working on pixel selection, I got a prototype up and running.

    I plan to sell this for around 5$, do you think that is reasonable?

    Videos of the prototype:


    Pixar trailer test


    Let me know what you guys think :)

    about 1 year ago

  22. Last night I was coding. Until 6:00 this morning.

    I love learning new things, and this project especially taught me a a lot of new techniques. I haven't worked a great deal with colors, matrices and other sorts of pixel calculations before, but now I can add those things to my ninja skills.

    As you can see a lot has happened on Hue Ice: Live. Here's the short outline:

    Overall UI
    You should be able to see a little progress in this regard.

    User controls from scratch
    Adobes build in controls are shit. So I decided to build new controls from scratch. Not just style existing controls, no Sir, writing all the classes from scratch. I accomplished two things by doing so:
    1. Removing overhead and adding overall speed to the app
    2. Giving me the possibility to 100% customise my controls and events

    So far I've completed the switch controller and the step controller. But I plan to make an entire library for future projects.

    Color controls
    Contrast, saturation and brightness controls has been added.

    Blur, sharpen, edge and pixelfilter has been added on top of the videofeed, to give the user better control over how the light is rendered in a dark environment.

    Light controls
    Multipliers for brightness and saturation has been added.

    iOS devices
    Hue Ice Live has been tested on iPhone 5 as well as iPad 3 - and it works like a charm. There are of course custom views for both of those.

    I know it's kind of mess of controls right now - but that will be fixed. I plan to have some sort of collapsable panels - but it is just a pain to have right now that I am debugging code ;)

    TLDR: No worries. Love you anyway.

    Video timez!
    View it on dropbox, or download it to see it in a better quality.

    For reference, it was this, 24 hours ago:

    about 1 year ago

  23. I needed a small icon for Hue Ice: Live - so I made this. I am still adding a lot of stuff to the app - and performance is better than ever!

    Soon I will need people who have acces to a Philips Hue, to help me iron out the worst issues in the app, so let me know if you want to help.

    Pixelsnapping on / off

    Window size animations
    Panel animations / positioning
    UI optimizations
    New Bulb panels
    Bulb, deselect
    Native menus
    Changed events for color picker, no more 200% cpu usage

    New Class :: VideoDisplay
    Decoupled video from Camera / Camerasampler
    New Class :: UIKitPanel
    Dynamic positioning
    New Class :: UIKitToolbar (header)
    Dynamic width
    Class :: ColorSamplePicker
    Added offset_x, offset_y to input target
    Added selection preview
    Class :: UIbutton
    Added UIIcon support

    General optimization
    Moved all buttons, sliders, panel elements into panels

    about 1 year ago

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