I haven't made an official announcement yet, but some of you may already know that I've left Focus Lab. I have more to say about my transition, and the myriad cookie jars I now find my hands in, but for the time being I'm just grateful for all the amazing work I was part and partial to creating during my time there. I have a few more weeks that I'm able to post under the FL account, so keep your eyes peeled for some final work from that long tenured partnership.

This particular project wrapped some time ago, but for whatever reason I failed to highlight it then. Crossbeam is revolutionary data technology that will forever change how companies interact with the almighty data. The beautiful system that @Chase Turberville created for them upheld the strategic needs of: simple confidence, sturdiness, connection, and approachability.

You can check out the kick-arse illos he made on their site at www.getcrossbeam.com.

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