New Product Page Design for Global Telecommunications Platform

Hey guys! Awesome news again, another project has gone live this week! This time it’s a page for a new Ringba’s product called Real Time Call Ping Tree. Ringba is a global telecommunications platform and dear friends of ours whose website we’re currently creating. Ping Tree is a programmatic call trading technology that revolutionizes how entire industries buy and sell their calls, as well as gives the power to maximize margin on every call.

Check out the product and the live version of the page here. Goals Creating a futuristic design to reflect the product’s game-changing nature and push the limits of innovation further. We had to help relax potential clients’ jaw muscles (does this substitution of “jaw drop” work?) while still making sense of what the product is about for them, as well as targeting higher-class companies. Approach While creating the new product’s page design we followed the same quite futuristic and unconventional-looking design solution we created for the Ringba website. Dancing around the central metaphor where Ringba is illustrated as a big celestial body surrounded by its products-satellites, we illustrated Ping Tree as an orb as well. However, we also tried to integrate the ‘tree-pattern’ into the main visual that represents the product to make it look more illustrative. Results We’d like to think that the page design we ended up with is futuristic in feel, storytelling in approach and intuitive by design. Take a look at it here and share your feedback!

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