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Hello Dribbble people! We’ve got great news!

Do you know what a perfect project is? It’s when the client trusts you to do your job and lets go of any micromanagement. That was and still is the case with Ringba, a global telecommunications platform we are creating a website for here at Zajno , very much enjoying the process.

The guys reached out to us hoping to find a partner to take full charge of creative direction for the website. 24 hours after receiving an email from Adam from Ringba we found ourselves in San Diego, discussing the roadmap and opportunities together with Ringba team. That meeting gave us a lot of understanding what we are actually doing, who we are doing this for and what the goals are in long-term. Besides, Adam managed to fuel our creative powers by contaminating us with his faith and passion in what they were building. These guys will go far.

The great news is that the website has just gone live! It was preceded by sleepless nights of our CTO Ivan, who was helping integrate the website, working side to side with the Ringba dev team. However, the work isn’t over. As you can see, the website is mainly static at the moment. Our next step is to animate the visuals to put a cherry on top. You can check it out here.

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Goals Creating a non-standard telecommunication company website with an unconventional, futuristic design to reflect the product’s game-changing nature and push the limits of innovation further. We had to help relax potential clients’ jaw muscles (does this substitution of “jaw drop” work?) while still making sense of what the product is about for them, as well as targeting higher-class companies.

Approach As our objective was to come up with a non-standard design solution, we said no to such typical ideas as using device mockups or any other design solutions that infest the Internet these days. We’re kind of sick of that. Instead, we decided to dig a bit deeper and present the product through a metaphor: the big shiny orb and its satellites, where the largest orb representing Ringba itself and satellites being Ringba’s add-on products: Call Tracking and Interactive Voice Response (more products are coming soon!). We opted for the dark color palette to go on with the space theme and also used waves to represent sound waves. And calling is about soundwaves, right? Results We’d like to think that the design we came up with is futuristic, storytelling and intuitive. We see it as a digital outer-space world where Ringba, the biggest celestial body, and its satellites provide best quality communication for all its inhabitants. We helped the platform’s potential customers see that Ringba is not just an ordinary telecom solution for big and medium-sized companies, but an entire system that can completely change the way their businesses connect with consumers and take this communication to a whole new level. As well as take down their competition 😉

Let me know what you guys think!

P.S. Big thanks to Adam and Camden from Ringba who have been supportive and understanding. Besides, huge thanks to everybody at Zajno who helped make this happen!

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