SiteGround Craft Playoff Winners

Thanks to everyone who shared their designs on the topic of Craft in Web Hosting! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ βš’οΈ

Congrats to our winners:πŸŽ‰


Gets Beoplay H8i Headphones in a customized bag and 1 year free GoGeek hosting account by SiteGround.

Picking just 2 winners was really hard, but we enjoyed going through a multitude of inspiring artworks. The ones we favored more than others were those where we could recognize the values we cherish the most – attention to detail, focus on quality and originality of interpretation. As we can proudly say we have seen a few such works submitted in the Playoff, we had a heated internal discussion during which our jury selected the work of @nicetriangle’s entry as a first prize winner. So, congrats and enjoy!

πŸ…2nd Prize picked by Dribbble and SiteGround:

@ricardoaum -

Gets a customized Pilot Lap Desk and 1 year free GoGeek hosting account.
The runner-up was picked together with the Dribbble team, and it was another hard choice, but ultimately, both of our teams, felt that @ricardoaum’s design really comes at close second. We noticed and appreciated the originality of the handmade work behind this rebound. Congrats!

πŸŽ‰Every participant:

As promised, all participants will receive a 1 year free GrowBig hosting account from SiteGround. You will all get an email with information on how to claim your hosting account.

Posted on Nov 5, 2018

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