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1996 Fan Time Store Product Categories Animation

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1996 Fan Time Store Product Categories Animation shop e-commerce typography categories product promo interaction motion design fashion gif website concept anim interface grid web animation ux ui

Hi friends,

Glad to share with you another piece of the new e-commerce project called 1996 Fan Time Store. Today, it is a Shop By page animation featuring the preview of the available clothing categories for the user to choose from.

The overall idea was to make it cute and engaging to motivate the user to explore the collections further.

How do you like it? Eager to hear your feedback.

Have a great weekend!

Cheers :)

P.S. For all community users who respect the rules and play fair! My last 4 shots have been attacked with some spammy likes. @Dribbble team is already investigating this suspicious activity and I hope the offenders will get blocked soon. What a unprofessional behavior! Will keep you posted and thanks for support!

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