We identified a group of users who often reached out to our operations team for help adding large amounts of data to MineralSoft. Most of our "create an X" workflows are focused on a single object; creating hundreds would take a crazy amount of time.

This is a way for users to download templates for editing and creating many of the things they can interact with in MineralSoft en mass, without relying on our operations team for help.

We focused on users with a higher technical acumen for this interface, hoping to route those less technical users to ops for help, as bulk-uploads can be tricky to roll back.

I started by exploring a page-by-page modal focused flow, but found, through conversations with engineering, some technical requirements around processing times that would have made understanding when uploads were done confusing. That led to a platform-wide bulk uploads page, where users could find templates and documentation, then upload and manage their uploads all from one place.

Posted on Oct 2, 2018
Alex Price
Product Design at Mercury 🌱

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