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Mobile Navigation Explorations for Netflix

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Mobile Navigation Explorations for Netflix netflix tabs scroll jump nav navigation nav mobile

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Happy Friday, friends!

We're working with our friends at Netflix on a product that will require navigating a complex hierarchy of content (note: this is currently sample content). We're hoping to build a solution that exposes the content clearly while still being simple to use.

In this shot we're exploring how we might include multiple levels of navigation on a page that's already three levels deep (parent = Originals, category = Top Picks, page = Black Mirror). In this case, we're using both hscroll tabs (for seasons), and a jump navigation (for episodes). We're particularly hoping the jump nav within the page could work well – something we'll be validating in the next few days.

If you've seen other nav patterns similar to this, we'd love to see them! You can also check out a larger video.

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