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Offering Typface

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Offering Typface font typeface

So happy to finally get this typeface finished and out to the masses. Huge thanks goes out to Joe Prince for his help, without you this would merely be vector. Aaron Scamihorn thanks for the rounded slab idea, that may be my favorite version. Joshua Krohn thanks for the inline thought, I think those versions will make a great display font. Nick Slater and Kevin Gormal thanks for you input. I couldn't have done this without you help. Please take a minute to check out these guys work, it is epic and a true inspiration to me.

Attached is a zipped file with 5 version of the font. Regular, Regular Rounded, Bold, Bold Inline and Bold Inline Alternate. There is also punctuation in these sets, hopefully in the futre I will be adding numerals. Also, I have a attached a desktop wallpaper.

Enjoy my Offering to the design community, I only asked that you share with me the amazing work that I know this will be apart of.


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