GIFmas Tree 2017 - Diamond Waves

Merry GIFmas, everyone! Each year, I practice a tradition of introspection and reflection on the designs that I’ve created over that year, the inspirations which lead to them, and the techniques that I used to create them. I then create a new design in the shape of a tree, but composed of elements from the designs of that year. I call this tradition "GIFmas".

This year, the design that I felt was most deserving of a revisit was titled "Diamond Waves" - and this may just be my favorite GIFmas tree to date. :)

Check out the Creative Process gallery for this design here:

Want to see this animation in higher quality, and fullscreen? Check it out here at my Video Portfolio, where I had to write a custom video player to enforce the level of quality I wanted for my designs:

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