Diamond Waves

Sometimes you've been uninspired all month long, then you see ONE IMAGE, and it's like "BOOM"! Then that's it. You're off. You're ready to go. Your inspiration is carrying you through the design and everything is almost effortless. I kinda hate designs like that because they can only happen at the intersection of your availability to work on the design, your level of energy to focus on and create it, and then the inspiration striking you in just the right way. In some ways, it feels like cheating, with everything on auto-pilot; In other ways, it feels like a rare moment that must be seized at all costs, and held on to for a long as possible, and holding on to it takes every shred of you to push through to the very final step.

The image that fueled me with the inspiration me to create this design was titled:
poemergent · 60″ x 120″, by a designer named Kiandjan.


Diamond Wave - Creative Process Gallery: This is where I have posted a test render from each step of this design's development, and the thought process describing the changes in each iteration.


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