DailyDeal is a German e-commerce marketplace that connects subscribers with local merchants by offering activities, travel, goods and services in currently three countries.

Back in 2016, DailyDeal decided to improve the merchant’s platform to help their partners to manage their deals more easily and provide them with more insights. During this effort, we also made first steps toward a new visual language.

The Deals page played an integral role in DailyDeal’s platform for its partners, who frequently have more than one deal running or scheduled ahead. We sought out for ways to turn the data into a glanceable visualisation, allowing the partner to keep track of all past, current or future deals. One of the ideas we developed was to adapt the granularity of the visualisation to the number of deals the timeline shows. For example, if we only had to display less than a handful of deals, we’d expose more information directly in the visualisation to provide more context and make each representation of a deal distinguishable. On the contrary, when having to display numerous deals, we’d zoom out, like in this shot.

Full view is attached.


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