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  1. Pagination transition flinto ui animation ui motion pagination microanimation animations hike one
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  2. #6 Tab Bar Interaction flinto app vietnamese designer ui animation motion ux ui interface mobile app app  design ui interactive animation menu menu bar tabbar
    #6 Tab Bar Interaction
  3. Tab Bar flinto gif tab bar ui icon icons
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    Tab Bar
  4. Interaction design_Card transition card interaction design flinto
    View Interaction design_Card
    Interaction design_Card
  5. Tag interaction — WEB dislike like micro tag filter preference flinto interactions web
    Tag interaction — WEB
  6. Motivational Coach Site homepage animation gif framer flinto principle prototype interface design ux ui
    View Motivational Coach Site
    Motivational Coach Site
  7. chat ui animation brio6 write moblie interface design send flinto applicaiton app message chat clean card video interface animation ux ui design
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    chat ui animation
  8. chat ui animation write moblie interface design send flinto applicaiton app message chat clean card video interface animation ux ui design
    chat ui animation
  9. YouTube Scrolling redesign flinto gradient red animation scroll youtube
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    YouTube Scrolling
  10. Search Interaction animation app design ux ui interaction flinto search
    View Search Interaction
    Search Interaction
  11. Pull To Dismiss prototype flinto news card design ux ui minimal navigation interaction mobile ios
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    Pull To Dismiss
  12. Expanding Cards ui feed cards interaction motion flinto wireframe
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    Expanding Cards
  13. Atro Mobile UI Kit - stats animation animation motion charts ui prototype stats design interaction flinto
    View Atro Mobile UI Kit - stats animation
    Atro Mobile UI Kit - stats animation
  14. Overlay menu transition gif flinto ios app mobile app iphonex navigation navigation menu intro screen landingpage landing mobile app experience yellow transition menu iphone
    View Overlay menu transition
    Overlay menu transition
  15. New tab new tab flinto browser
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    New tab
  16. Remixr Modal Interaction webapp web remixr publish comment annotation interaction modal ux ui gif flinto
    Remixr Modal Interaction
  17. Learning Flinto chat finance app mobile flinto finance animation product design prototype
    View Learning Flinto
    Learning Flinto
  18. Invocable - Transition Effects application flinto data table data management report data visualization interface desktop settings builder alexa alexa skill motion editor ui dashboard stepper  long form form canvas
    View Invocable - Transition Effects
    Invocable - Transition Effects
  19. Onboarding illustrations animation gif flinto ui onboarding
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  20. Mobile App Horizontal Slider collections paging scrolling scroll animation after effects ae aep flinto transition box card interface app mobile prototype slider horizontal scroll ux ui
    View Mobile App Horizontal Slider
    Mobile App Horizontal Slider
  21. Integrations with Framer and Flinto integrations flinto framer
    View Integrations with Framer and Flinto
    Integrations with Framer and Flinto
  22. Travel Inspiration - 3D Flipping Images inspiration travel 3d flinto iphonex ios mobile interaction animation ui
    Travel Inspiration - 3D Flipping Images
  23. Slider Prototype desktop ecommerce prototype grid product draggable drag sliding smooth slide website jewelry flinto figma design user interface ui web animation slider
    View Slider Prototype
    Slider Prototype
  24. Dream Journal App - Search ios dream journal interactions search prototype app flinto
    View Dream Journal App - Search
    Dream Journal App - Search
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