Website Redesign for Global Finance Loan Company

Goals: For this one, the goal was to put in a team effort to come up with a good direction for the design over the course of 1 day. But if we go beyond organizing the workflow, the goal was to make an innovative redesign of the website with elements that go beyond one dimension. 3D graphic content is a metaphor that symbolizes different approaches to selecting a loan model that is just right for the client. We focused on creating a seamless web user experience to let the user discover more about the loans and get that "live" and colorful feel to the overall aesthetics.

Approach: After we studied some client`s references and defined the visual direction we had to stick to, we organized the working process in a way that while designing was in progress, 3D modeler and illustrator were busy working on 3D models and visual content. Within a few hours, the page was fully composed.

Solution: We ended up with the design that looks vibrant and "live" at the same time to attract the target audience, by taking advantage of some bold typography, color matching and utilizing the results of collaboration within our art team, who produced great visuals for this one.

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