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Today, I present you with Wait - a pretty cool app that I worked on in 2015. I had an opportunity to work with a super talented Googler on their idea which was solving a pain of going to a venue only to discover that there's a huge line or that you have to wait for ages to get served. Imagine you want to go to your favorite vegan kale chips & juice shop and you have to wait for hours and hours to get a table and enjoy your delicious dose of pumpkin spice kale juice... What a buzzkill!

We narrowed down the core feature set and made a minimal lovable product that just does one thing - it lets you discover venues around you and see where you will get served the quickest. You can also let others know what's the waiting time like in your favorite place without having to think hard about it - just open the app on your Apple Watch and select from short, medium or long wait.

Don't forget to check out the attachment to see all of those delicious pixels! This is just a sneak peak, I will share more of the iOS and watchOS App soon. 😉

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Posted on Apr 28, 2017
Phil Amour
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