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(Not So) Slenderman

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(Not So) Slenderman rubberhose joysticks and sliders duik spoopy spooky scary slenderman

I watched a movie about the two little girls who believed in Slender and then stabbed their friend because they thought they were led to do so. The movie was exploitive of all the people and I really didn't like it. It was dark, but not in a spooky dark way, just dark.

I try to keep my stuff light and funny and I have a list of things I wanted to animate out inspired from Birmingham's Sidewalk Film Festival. Slender was on the list and I thought "how do you make him funny?" So I made him kinda pudgy (like me!) but yearning to be Crossfit strong (like me!)

So here is my shot of making him funny and more human and less "spoopy."

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