Mondly - UX/UI Dashboard Design for Language Learning Platform

dashboard design for the language learning platform

Cultivating Knowledge with a Smart Dashboard

Continuing our exploration of the Mondly language learning platform, Outcrowd is excited to reveal the user-friendly dashboard. But first, don't forget to check the first part of this project - branding.

Rich with Functionality

The Mondly dashboard is designed to be an intuitive command center for your language learning journey. Just like a blossoming flower, the dashboard unfolds to reveal a wealth of features, all presented in a clean and organized layout.

At a Glance:

  • Progress Tracking: Monitor your progress with clear visuals and informative metrics, helping you stay motivated and celebrate your achievements.

  • Personalized Learning Path: Your personalized learning path is front and center, guiding you toward fluency with targeted lessons and exercises.

  • Gamification Elements: Playful features like points, badges, and leaderboards keep you engaged and add a touch of fun to learning.

  • Seamless Integration: The dashboard seamlessly integrates with other parts of the Mondly platform, providing a unified learning experience.

A Harmonious Blend of Creativity and Functionality

The visual design echoes Mondly's overall branding, incorporating a vibrant color palette and minimalist flower motif. This cohesive approach creates a positive and engaging atmosphere that motivates users to keep learning and growing.

Stay tuned for more on Mondly! We'll be showcasing the website design next.



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