Mondly - Branding for the language learning platform

branding design for the language learning platform

Mondly: Blooming Languages, Blossoming Potential

Outcrowd is excited to embark on a journey of language learning with Mondly, a platform designed to make education effective, engaging, and accessible for everyone.

This project contains a comprehensive approach, including:

  • branding

  • website design

  • UX/UI design for the platform

Today, we unveil the first blossom – Mondly's captivating brand identity!

logo design for the language learning platform

Logo ideation

Mondly's brand reflects its core mission: to help individuals blossom their language skills.

The logo, a minimalist flower, beautifully embodies this concept. It symbolizes the growth, development, and beauty of acquiring new knowledge. As your language skills flourish, so do your communication and connection opportunities.

logo design for the edtech startup
logo design for the educational startup

A Palette Bursting with Learning Energy

The color palette is a vibrant blend of yellow, orange, purple, black, and white. These colors were meticulously chosen to evoke specific emotions:

  • Yellow and Orange: Spark enthusiasm and optimism for the learning journey.

  • Purple: Represents intelligence and creativity, essential for language acquisition.

  • Black and White: Provide a foundation of stability and clarity, ensuring a focused learning experience.

color palette for the educational startup
brand visual identity for the educational startup

More Than Just Learning, It's Growth

Mondly's brand identity goes beyond aesthetics. It emphasizes the positive impact language learning can have on your life.

By mastering new languages, you unlock a world of opportunities, expanded horizons, and richer communication.

Stay tuned to see how Mondly's immersive learning experience brings this brand identity to life! We'll be showcasing the website and platform design in the coming days.


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