Moscow Art Theatre: Branches & Roots

Hey friends,

Today we want to tell you more about our cultural project, dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Moscow Art Theatre.

As we said earlier, there are few ways to research information on this website. First of all, we developed interactive scheme in the form of a tree, where all branches and fruits are clickable and lead to the individual article. You also have option to show the selected item's historical connections to other objects in the entire tree.

The easy way to find quickly a specific theater person or institution is using “People” and “Organizations” menu tabs. They are organized as simply navigating alphabetical listings. Each name is a link to its own article.

Also people and organizations are interconnected, so you can follow links in articles and then shift to the tree in order to find a place where a specific person or institution is located.

You can clearly see the scale of theatrical activity in the “Geography” section, where all organizations are marked on the world map.

Finally, there is Chronicle. It’s independent story of MAT evolution told by the theater itself.

Stay tuned, we're going to show more cool stuff in the next posts!


Project is created in a collaboration with Moscow Art Theatre School and Moscow Art Theatre museum.


UI Designers: Margaret Plotkina, Maxim Berg

Project Manager: Olga Krupps

Art Director: Maxim Berg

Made by Sick.

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Posted on Jan 27, 2024
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