Moscow Art Theatre

Dear friends,

We are happy to return with the first sick case in 2024! This is a historical project dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the largest Russian museum — Moscow Art Theatre.

The project is called "Branches and Roots", and the tree metaphor was chosen for a reason: this is how the theater itself perceives its history, with roots in the form of the people who founded it, and numerous branches and fruits (that’s all participating artists, theaters and studios) growing from the single trunk of original Moscow Art Theatre.

We developed the interactive visualization of all theatre’s history, presenting the information in several formats: as an interactive map, as a series of sequential articles combined into a single сhronicle, and as a Wikipedia-like bibliographic list.

In this way we hope that the broadest audience will be able to get acquainted with the project and take a journey through the history of a fascinating theatrical life more than a century long.

As always, stay tuned, we'll tell you more about the mechanics and sections in the next posts.


Project is created in a collaboration with Moscow Art Theatre School and Moscow Art Theatre museum.


UI Designers: Margaret Plotkina, Maxim Berg

Project Manager: Olga Krupps

Art Director: Maxim Berg

Made by Sick.

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Posted on Jan 16, 2024

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