Generative AI App Interface Design

Experiencing health-related anxiety?

No need to fret; we've designed the Meditalk app with you in mind!

Meditalk offers you:

✔️Precise Pain Localization: Easily pinpoint discomfort areas on a 3D body model via an intuitive Mobile User Interface in the Meditalk Mobile App.

✔️Symptom Duration and Intensity: Using this Patient Chatbot, you can share the duration and severity of your discomfort.

✔️AI-Powered Symptom Analysis: Meditalk's AI provides initial insights into potential health issues based on your input.

✔️When health-related anxiety strikes, Meditalk's Human AI feature is there to provide soothing advice and support to help you manage stress and anxiety related to your health concerns.

George Railean
Product Designer. Data-Viz/Interface / Dashboard Architect.

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