1. Dark UI vs Light UI

  2. Another Medical Dashboard

  3. Patient Dashboard

  4. Widget Customization

  5. Colors UX/UI Dashboard

  6. March - FuseLab Creative Foundation Month

  7. Medical Dashboard

  8. UI Animation for Medical Dashboard

  9. Data Mining

  10. Patient Overview Dashboard Design

  11. Marketing and Admin Platform for Dental Community

  12. Health Dashboard Design, Body Preview Data

  13. Patient Overview Dashboard Animation

  14. Medical Dashboard Design

  15. UI Redesign for Home Page

  16. UI Design for Beauty Website

  17. A new How IT Works animation

  18. Interface design for Meaningful Gigs

  19. UI Redesign

  20. Visualize and Manage any Activity

  21. Sales Overview In A New Interface.

  22. App Interface

  23. Influencers Connection Interface Design

  24. Open Aristos Homepage Design

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